Online Apartment Searching Resources

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t get the newspaper and if you have a question the first place you look is the internet. I figured this was reason enough to put all of the “searching for apartment” websites I know of into one place. These are especially helpful for people who may not live in Fargo but are thinking of moving here. – This is always my first stop. You can enter the city or area you want to search in and narrow it down by price, bedrooms, and what kind of building (townhome, senior living, etc.) This website also organizes listings by date so you know how recent the ad was placed and don’t waste time calling something that is probably no longer available. This recently updated website now also offers lists of amenities, photos, floorplans, and links to rental company websites. – This site can be helpful especially for those who are looking to rent something from a private owner. Although rental companies also post listings. A downside to searching here is that when you try to narrow down searches by number of bedrooms, pets allowed, etc. it often doesn’t work. For example, I tried to search for a two bedroom that allows dogs and I got a list of mostly three bedroom rentals. I have also found that when I call people on this site the photos may not be for the property that is actually available or sometimes their ads say they take pets when, in fact, they do not. It is also hard to predict how many relevant ads you may find. There is only one posted for today so far but by this evening there will likely be more. You just have to keep checking back. – This website offers great photos only of buildings owned by the larger rental  companies in town. This site does a pretty good job of narrowing down searches by preference. I think it includes some of the best photos and lists of amenities as well as floorplan maps. I have used this site in the past to rent an apartment out-of-state. I found a decent and safe apartment in a gated community which is what I was looking for. The downside is that you have to enter your information, including e-mail, to find out if there are any availabilities or to find out more about a place you might be interested in. After I did this I started getting a lot of e-mails and even phone calls long after I had rented my apartment. If you are going to use this website I would recommend using it only to find the phone number and e-mail of the company you are interested in and then contact that company directly in order to avoid an inbox full of messages. – I have found the same is true for this website as the one above. – This website is also similar to the two above in that it includes photos and many details about the building but you must enter your information to check availabilites. However, this website also offers a few helpful demographics about Fargo. Information like average rental costs and Fargo cost of living as well as local likes for each neighborhood. This includes bars, restaurants, salons, fitness, worship, etc.

So these are a few of the websites I have used in the past. Of course if you just Google search ‘Fargo apartments’ you can find a long list of resources but most of them are similar to the last couple. They seem be more interested in getting your information than actually helping find an apartment or providing available listings. For pet friendly check out my previous post.